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Kirsten and Pops at the Indy Museum 2001


Mikey, Kirsten, Nana & Pops - Fiesta, Texas 1995


Nana & Pops a long time ago


**** Retirement ****

Last day at TXT, what a team we were, Oct. 2000


June 1967 to Retirement, October 2000  

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    Kirsten at age 13


Maegan, little league 2007

Mikey, Prom night 2005 

Mikey, Kirsten, Me & Nana-1991

** Retirement **

Friends Forever! 

My memories of TXT Texsteam will last forever. I had good times and bad, but mostly good. The people there were the best!!! I wish only the best for you and I miss you all.