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Welcome to the

Little's Home Page 

We're happy to have you visit and hope you enjoy our site. Check out the picture pages, links, tribute, and search pages.

We are proud of our family and grandchildren. The pictures are not that good but they are our favorites. 

Read the links page for information on "How to Improve & Maintain Computer Performance & Security." This document was written as a guide for helping folks check for Spyware, Virus' and improve computer performance themselves. 

Also, see the information on the links page for "Basic Computer Maintenance." This document written for routine quarterly maintenance to keep your computer running good. Both documents can be downloaded from the "Search " page. 

We pray the Holy Spirit flies in your life and blesses you and yours as we have been blessed with Health, Family, Church and Friends.

Please feel free to email us,,,

Remember, worry ends,,, where Faith Begins!!! 
Thanks for dropping by,,,

  Updated: March 2011

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   Pops at the PC


   Nana in the Kitchen


    Pops & Nana 2003


Kirsten 2005

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